Kitchen Rental

Need a commercial kitchen to launch your food business?

Kitchen Sync offers a professional licensed kitchen. The shared workspace is fully stocked with equipment and storage to help you scale up or launch with minimal start up overhead. Our space is perfect for those looking to scale up or launch their food business with minimal overhead.

Commercial kitchen interior


Our shared workspace offers a fully equipped commercial kitchen, designated storage space and the health and safety certifications required for provincial regulations.


What do I need to bring with me?

Your knives, clothes (lots) for washing up. Any specialty equipment you require for production.

How many people can I bring?

You can bring 2 people to help with production. If you need more you can book up to 4 stations at $25 each.

Can I drop off or have my food delivered the day prior?

Yes, you can meet the delivery here of drop off. MB Health requires your food to come directly here.

Can I take my ingredients home?

Yes, you can but they have to stay there, you can not bring ingredients back and forth from home to the licensed kitchen.

Is the damage deposit refundable?

Yes, once you decide to move up or on it is refundable if there is no damage to equipment, no missing equipment and you have followed MB Health requirements. Any cleaning charges will be deducted as well.

What are the hours for production?

Kitchen Sync operates 24/7.

Can I arrange to meet clients at Kitchen Sync?

Yes, we offer meeting space for planning with clients and or trial meals. In addition to prep time it’s $25 per hour.

Can I arrange a photo or video shoot?

Yes, we book both with 2 weeks notice, it’s $75 per hour to use Kitchen Sync in addition to prep time.

I highly recommend Kitchen Sync. Beautiful venue and amazing food. Sheila is wonderful. We can’t wait to go again. A great night with friends, food and wine.

Erin Janssen